The origin story

Columbia in Tech started with a San Francisco brunch group of a dozen attendees in 2017. Six years later, we’ve grown to an all-volunteer organization that aims to connect, inform, and amplify alumni & current students interested in technology, across Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, Barnard College, and General Studies.

What do we do?

Some of our programming and events include:

How we’ve grown

Today, Columbia in Tech has over 800 newsletter subscribers, roughly doubling from the year prior, and regularly hosts events in New York, San Francisco, and Boston attended by 120+ community members.

Get involved

Columbia in Tech is always looking to grow! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, attend our events, and share what you’re up to. We’re on the lookout for volunteers, especially if you appreciate a culture that’s entrepreneurial, collaborative, and human-centric! If you’re interested, please let us know - shoot us an email at [email protected]!